North Atlanta Dance Academy

North Atlanta Dance Academy in Johns Creek has been one of Georgia’s most reliable and respected dance schools for over twenty years. For generations, they have specialized in teaching students from beginner to advanced about various styles such as classical ballet or jazz with a modern twist. The staff at the theatre and dance academy knows that every child is unique, which means there are many different types of dance lessons available depending on your skill level: classic technique training; pointe work-outs explicitly designed focus on improving flexibility through elevated foot balancing while training muscles necessary injection strength into key areas needed when doing orthopedic tricks.

Situated at 10700 State Bridge Road, Johns Creek, 30022, North Atlanta Dance Academy is the only dance school in its league that offers training for children as young as three years old. The goal of this organization, founded by Michael and Kitty Garrison with an actual purpose to provide top-quality programs from beginner level up through professional levels; regardless if you’re looking around or are ready to make your debut on stage- they’ll have what’s right.

The North Atlanta Dance Theatre, also part of the dance academy, is a company that has served Johns Creek residents for more than two decades, known primarily because of its diverse range in styles. It frequently switches up what type or genre they perform each season, so no matter your taste, you are guaranteed a fantastic show. North Atlanta Dance Theatre has a professional resident artist program that provides top-quality dance theatre experiences to the greater Atlanta area.

In Johns Creek, look out for upcoming shows and performances at the North Atlanta Dance Academy. The Johns Creek theater now reaches far beyond its original aim as a training space to allow actors from all around town to take part in exciting productions that will be coming soon.

The leading dance studio in Johns Creek, Georgia, is a 17000 square-foot facility with six spacious studios and observation windows. The state-of-the-art floors provide a smooth surface for dancing, while our waiting area offers you time to chat or reflect on your practice session before going home.

The North Atlanta Dance Theatre has a rigorous classical ballet program that is the main focus of their school. The philosophy behind it and how they teach are also based on dancers’ need for versatility, which means they can quickly excel in any style or genre. Professional companies like Sony Animation Studios have started including contemporary pieces into their repertoire because this type often drives today’s audience members wild with excitement.