Six Bridges Breweries

Six Bridges Brewery is the perfect spot to grab some delicious craft beer and celebrate with friends. The Six Bridges of Johns Creek were once used for crossing over into Atlanta, but now they’ve been replaced by newer structures that offer better safety features. This doesn’t mean this brewing company still has plenty left in store because their menu offers even more choices than before, so visitors can choose from an array of traditional favorites like Lager Weiss (German-style wheat) or India Golden Strauss.

When you think of a perfect day, what comes to mind? This will be sitting by the pool with an ice cold drink in hand for many people. But for others who don’t live near oceans or bodies of water at all times during their trip through life – it could just as easily involve Six Bridges. The story starts when a man was young and wanted nothing more than becoming a world-renowned brewmaster to open up his own craft brewery one day, taking on his son alongside him on a journey towards making great tasting beers like those found only elsewhere nowadays.

Since they committed to fulfilling their dream, both father and son have thrown caution aside. They live a life of love and passion for what it is worth today – one step at a time. Every morning starts with challenges but ends up being a reward after all. Here, they are making beer right outside Atlanta in Johns Creek, where there’s nothing else like them yet.

Six Bridges proudly introduced the residents to this new-and delicious IPA from their friends at Medlock Ales in New England. It’s a bright, citrus-forward double dry hop hazy ale featuring Citra hops, giving it an aroma of oranges and tangerines before tasting smooth with balanced bitterness throughout the finish that will keep your taste buds happy all day long. With only 6%, we know how difficult it can be when choosing just one beer so try out “IPA” on for size today.

The iconic Six Bridges are your one-stop-shop for all things beer. Visit their taproom with 16 different taps and two huge screens. You’ll find that they have everything you need from board games, high-top tables, or just a fabulous place outside in the sunshine with shaded picnic table seating where kids can play too while adults enjoy their own drinks. Their taproom is open on Thursday or Sunday for a production facility tour and some beer tasting. You can bring your dog, and kids are welcome too. If you need space rental, please let them know ahead of time so that they can plan accordingly.