Real Estate Investment Companies

Striking Gold with Savvy Out-of-State Real Estate Investors

Real estate investing is by far the largest investment most businesses will make. Many business law firms simply dabble in real estate matters, failing to understand the numerous complexities inherent in all real estate transactions.

Sage Business Counsel has over a decade of experience with real estate matters. Our expertise in Georgia property and real estate law allows our team to help clients with all aspects of real estate, including drafting leases and deeds, acquisition and disposition documents and due diligence oversight. Our founder began her career in commercial and industrial real estate before going to law school. Danielle worked as an attorney for the largest mortgage lenders and servicers in the US during the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. She tried foreclosures, overcame bankruptcy filings to mitigate losses for her bank clients, and facilitated loan modifications, cramdown defenses, and other mitigation strategies that allowed her clients to avoid financial ruin. This experience gives Sage Business Counsel a “cradle to grave” expertise in real estate investments.

Investments in commercial real estate can be one of the most efficient ways to create an ongoing and reliable stream of passive income for investors and businesses alike. In addition to retaining an attorney who deeply understands the nuances of real estate law, businesses need a good negotiator. Sage Business Counsel proudly provides these services—and more.

Sage Business Counsel offers Partnerships within the Chief Legal Suite™. Our firm recently partnered with an out-of-state real estate investor looking to break ground on a $60 million multi-family development in Atlanta. This investor had more than 15 years of experience and answered to the board of directors, local community, underserved citizens, and other stakeholders.

The Business

  • Based out-of-state with a multi-family development in Atlanta, GA

The Strategic Plan

  • Weekly strategy calls to discuss development projects
  • Serve as legal advisor to The Board
  • Develop key strategies for raising capital legally and ethically 
  • Address government and zoning issues with local government
  • Assess the viability of additional development & partnerships to revitalize underserved markets

The Value of Partnership

  • Out-of-state company gains local legal representative with both real estate knowledge and legal expertise to assist with project development in another state.#2 Establish a financial strategy for business succession planning to ensure business continuity.
  • Company receives legal representation for active litigation, while also partnering with a legal strategist for ongoing real estate ventures.
  • Company gains legal advisor for The Board to ensure its ventures are protected from future legal risks.

Strategic real estate investment can result in an extremely lucrative passive income stream—if done right. Our partnership provides ongoing legal support in these complex business matters, which may be exactly what your business needs to reach new heights. Ready to get started? Have questions? We’re ready to help.