Emerging Industries/Hemp Retailer

A Partnership Success Story

The coronavirus pandemic proved to us that the marketplace is resilient. It also allowed for the emergence and explosion of many industries despite the worldwide lockdown.

For example, the hemp and CBD (cannabidiol) market has exploded in recent years. Policy changes around the country are allowing more and more firms to enter this market by simply innovating existing products or services by incorporating cannabinoids. But despite the overwhelming support of cannabis products, federal and state regulations are not consistent with one another, still prohibit many products and services from legally entering the marketplace, and have huge pitfalls that can not only put a company out of business but also lead to significant penalties and even criminal charges.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect all of the investment of time and money put into an emerging industry to hire a legal strategist. Sage Business Counsel offers Partnerships within the Chief Legal Suite™. To illustrate the benefits of our Partnership, consider a hemp retailer based in Georgia, with approximately 15 employees. This startup is in its second year of business with projected revenue of approximately $5 million.

The Business

  • Hemp Retailer based in Georgia with under 10 employees

The Strategic Plan

  • Provide legal strategy to help navigate the highly regulated Cannabis industry with extremely technical legal issues at the State and National level
  • Provide trademark application services
  • Create employee manual and other HR documents
  • Research and write Legal Opinion Letters regarding business transaction compliance to the latest regulations and legislation
  • Financial planning with company’s CPA

The Value of Partnership

  • Company gains business and financial strategist to work directly with CPA for maximum profitability and protection.
  • Investors receive startup support for trademarking a new business and Human Resources compliance.
  • The primary investor receives personal and business financial planning between legal strategist and CPA.
  • The business stays ahead of changing legal trends in the industry with timely legal analysis at every stage.
  • Leadership saves time on management and strategy, allowing them to focus on growing the business.

We’re excited to discuss your company’s legal needs and how our Chief Legal Suite™ can meet those needs. Please reach out soon to speak with our team!