Software/Tech Industry

Software Companies Soar with Sage Business Counsel Partnership

We help software companies protect intellectual property, eliminate scope creep, align product and technology teams, deliver predictable products and services to clients with less risk, and stay out of court.

One of the biggest challenges software companies face when searching for corporate legal counsel is the lack of industry knowledge and an overly generalized practice. At Sage Business Counsel, we have specific knowledge to help software companies including custom developers, integrators and implementers, and SaaS companies. We offer a tailored production plan through our Chief Legal Suite™ program using an iterative approach to business compliance.

A Georgia-based IT company which serves clients all over the U.S. and enjoys yearly revenues between $1 million and $5 million joined our Partnership in the midst of the uncertainty of 2020. The company has been in business more than eight years.

The Business

  • 10+ Years Business
  • Revenue range of $3-5M
  • Legal representation for active dispute

The Strategic Plan

  • Review and revamp Employee Manual and HR documents
  • Implement improvements to Employee Performance Reviews and Discipline
  • Review and revamp Master Services Agreement and Scope Sheet
  • Align business documents with financial succession planning
  • Legal representation on active dispute

The Value of Partnership

  • Business stakeholders work together to ensure the business is legally protected from future employment grievances.
  • Long-term strategy provided in tandem with dispute resolution and 10% discount on hourly litigation rates.
  • Ensure the business is legally protected from future client grievances
  • Establish a financial strategy for business succession planning to ensure business continuity.

Sage Business Counsel’s Chief Legal Suite™ offers businesses countless benefits. We are used to working with entrepreneurs whose startups need specialized legal attention. Our team has worked with many business owners navigating emerging and high-growth industries. Is your company next? We’d love to speak with your team soon.