Our Strategic Business Advisors & Attorneys Support Growing Enterprises


Sage Business Counsel provides unparalleled legal services and innovative business solutions to small and mid-sized companies. Our strategic business advisors and business attorneys offer new and existing businesses proactive legal oversight to protect their assets and meet growth objectives.

Chief Legal Suite™ offers our client partners a dedicated strategic resource. When your team locks into a partnership with Sage Business Counsel, we help review the legal and compliance risks in your business using The 5 Pillars of Sound Business© framework: 1) Sales and Marketing; 2) Production and Delivery; 3) Human Resources; 4) Ownership and Management; and last but certainly not least, 5) Financial Controls.

These 5 Pillars allow us to review your risk and compliance in tandem with your operations so that the legal foundation of your company will enhance and support your team as you set out to achieve long-term goals and, ultimately, sustainability.

After Sage Business Counsel helps lay, or correct, the legal and compliance foundation of your company, your team learns to trust and access our business attorneys as strategic business advisors rather than run-of-the-mill lawyers who largely offer little to no strategic advantage. 

What Makes a Sage Strategist so Unique?

We source, hire, and train our attorneys and legal staff to think like business owners. As a result, Sage Business Counsel unites itself to serve your business under a custom production plan with agreed-to targets that are delivered on a rolling 12-month basis. Each plan is unique to the client by focusing on the goals and objectives that will move the company forward fastest and with the most impact.

Companies can stay with our CLS program for as many years as necessary to get to the stage of growth where they need to hire and train an in-house legal counsel or team. When your company gets ready to hire its own in-house attorney, Sage will help you source, hire, and train them using the same framework we use so that the transition is seamless. 

Partner with our Team of Strategic Business Advisors & Attorneys

By partnering with a business law firm like Sage Business Counsel as strategic business advisors, leaders can take their companies to the next level. When your team has an idea or proposition, our firm enjoys saying “yes” and helping it come to fruition. We set the stage for your company’s future in-house legal department to flourish, which in turn, allows the business to compete on a more competitive level without fear of lawsuits or audits.

While your team is busy turning a profit, Sage Business Counsel will be hard at work looking after your enterprise’s ongoing legal and compliance risks and needs. Hard-earned success should be secured and protected. Please reach out to our team of strategic business advisors and attorneys today with any questions about our Chief Legal Suite™.


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