Navigating Intellectual Property: A guide for business owners and entrepreneurs

Greetings Business Owners and Entrepreneurs! As Business Law Attorneys, we understand the significance of protecting your Intellectual Property. In this blog post, we will explore and get a high-level overview of three essential aspects of intellectual property law that can safeguard your business - Trademark Law, Trade Secrets, and Copyright Law. Let's dive in! Trademark Law: The face of your brand Imagine your Read More

Trademark dispute: Insights from Abitron Austria vs Hetronis

The US Supreme Court Sheds New Light on Cross-Border Trademark Disputes: Abitron Austria GmbH v. Hetronic International, Inc. In this trademark battle, a United States company, Hetronic International, Inc., faced off against six foreign parties, including five companies and one individual, collectively referred to as “Abitron”. The case centered around the unauthorized use of a distinctive black-and-yellow color Read More

Legal tips for successful sales and marketing strategies

In the dynamic world of business, sales and marketing are essential pillars for success. These business functions are responsible for promoting products and services to customers, driving revenue, and expanding brand reach. Businesses must tread carefully when advertising and selling to ensure their strategies comply with the ever-evolving legal landscape. Sales and marketing efforts are impacted by federal and state Read More

Plan for the best: Life & Business tips for dad-preneurs

This month, June 18 is Father’s Day so let’s give a little love to all you Dads out there who work hard for your families. Dad-preneurs don’t usually get much attention, especially on social media, but we know you are out there putting the “Dad brand” on everything you do. Although some fathers have a reputation for compartmentalizing their lives, there are so many issues that crossover from work into our home Read More

Celebrating juneteenth: Lessons from a white mom with a black son

Scope creep affects businesses of all sizes across industries, and it comes with a hefty cost. Did you know scope creep affects about 34% of projects, and only 62% of projects are completed within budget? That’s a lot of wasted time and money. There’s good news, however: You can prevent scope creep by taking a few simple steps, like strengthening your master service agreement and developing detailed project Read More

Georgia business resources for veterans

As we approach Memorial Day, I find myself revisiting my great appreciation for the Veterans who proudly served our country. My and my husband’s families are proud military families with veterans spanning all forces and wars since World War II. So, saying “thank you for your service” again this year just doesn’t seem like enough. Instead, I have gathered some information for Veteran entrepreneurs that I hope you will Read More

3 tips for mompreneurs who are doing it all

"Mompreneurs are a powerful force in the business world, and they are changing the face of entrepreneurship as we know it." - Nicole Walters, CEO of Inherit Learning Company. As a mompreneur, you have a lot on your plate. You're juggling the demands of running a business with the responsibilities of being a parent. It can be easy to put your business first and neglect your needs, but this can lead to burnout, Read More

5 secrets to buying or selling a business for the best price and terms

What does your exit strategy look like for your business? Whether you plan on buying or selling a business, it’s never too early to start preparing.  It can take several months to prepare a business for a sale, so if you want to get the best price and terms, you should understand the ins and outs of the business valuation process before you get started.  Keep reading for five secrets to buying or selling a business Read More

Beat the tax crunch with these 3 tips

As business owners, it’s easy to lose track of time. From planning marketing campaigns to hiring staff to evaluating profit and loss statements, chances are you forget a thing or two every now and then. Missing tax deadlines is one thing you don’t want to forget, however. Learning how to stay ahead of the tax crunch every year is critical to your business’ stability and success. If you find yourself missing filing Read More

It takes more than luck: Business growth strategies to unleash your potential

If you’re a business owner, you already know it takes more than luck to meet your goals and make healthy profits. But sometimes, it’s easy to enter autopilot mode and hope for the best. We think that because we do good work, new customers will flock to us — even if we don’t have any business growth strategies in place. Here’s the hard truth: Simply doing good work won’t lead to business growth. Like anything in life, Read More