Business Acceleration

Position Your New Venture for Rapid Growth

With the help of Sage Business Counsel, your business can position itself above the competition with a customized plan to grow exponentially, yet sustainably—all on a flat fee.

Sage Business Counsel is on a mission to move good business forward in accordance with our foundational mission to provide a modern approach to legal services while retaining all of the traditional values that make an attorney-client relationship so special—to keep the business growing, and out of court. This mission starts with ensuring businesses are properly formed with legal oversight to protect and grow from the startup phase and beyond.

More specifically, our Accelerator Program offers entrepreneurs a legal resource to assist in launching a business, so that you can grow your business with confidence.

What is Included?

Sage Business Counsel’s Accelerator Program is designed for new companies that want to hit the ground running from Day 1 without worrying about legal compliance. The Accelerator Program ensures your company is not only properly set up but that it has a strategic headstart upon entry into the marketplace by leveraging the experience and expertise of a seasoned business attorney. The 90-day program includes:

  • 2 Hour business strategy session with an attorney protected by attorney-client privilege and an NDA
  • Company formation and filing fees 
  • Registered agent services for one year
  • Federal tax ID creation
  • Organizational documents (e.g., operating agreement, bylaws, etc.) 
  • Production documents (e.g., service contract, licensing agreement, or product terms of use/labeling)
  • Two follow-up 30-minute attorney calls to address business questions over the next two months

We understand the importance of responsible growth for new businesses. For growth-oriented companies, Sage Business Counsel has a unique program to implement a strong legal framework for the launch phase. If this sounds like what your company needs, reach out to our firm to discuss your options.