Marcial Baldassarre

Client Success Champion

My expertise extends to back-office operations, where I’ve trained teams, managed sales data, and supported various functions. Fluent in English and Spanish, I leverage language skills to communicate effectively.

Recognized for strong writing and problem-solving abilities, I thrive in collaborative environments. Known for my organization and responsibility, I’m committed to driving excellence and contributing meaningfully to my field.

As a Marketing student, I’ve navigated a dynamic career path within the telecommunications industry. Experienced in leadership roles, I’ve led teams, analyzed metrics, and crafted business reviews. Skilled in coaching and client management, I’ve excelled as a Subject Matter Expert.

Superpower: Speed – I take pride in my strong time management skills, consistently delivering work ahead of schedule. Additionally, I believe in the power of thoughtful communication to influence environments positively. Whether offering encouragement or providing clarity, I strive to make a difference with every interaction.

Secret Weapon: My secret weapon lies in my knack for swiftly adapting to new environments and offering fresh, creative perspectives. This talent allows me to navigate transitions seamlessly while consistently bringing innovative ideas to the table. Embracing change as a pathway to growth, I use my adaptability to foster forward-thinking solutions and collaborate effectively with diverse teams and projects

Favorite Quote: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. -Mahatma Gandhi

Favorite Destination: Isla Culebra in Puerto Rico—it’s truly one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever laid eyes on. The sheer beauty and peaceful vibe there just sweep you off your feet

Heroic Feat: One of my most significant accomplishments occurred when I assumed the role of managing a sales team grappling with conversion challenges. Through a series of strategic meetings, meticulous action plans, and unwavering dedication, our team achieved an impressive sales increase of over 100% within just two months.