What We Do

Holistic Services for High-Growth Enterprises and Their Teams

Sage Business Counsel is here to say “yes” and figure out a creative way for your team to achieve its goals.

Our goal is to provide companies with targeted, tailored legal representation. Whether implementing a strong legal framework for your business prior to launching, avoiding a costly court battle, absorbing another company to synergize current operations, or simply obtaining ongoing general counsel, we can provide the help your team needs.

  • Chief Legal Suite™: Chief Legal Suite™ is Sage’s innovative program that provides businesses with ongoing legal counsel and strategy based on the specific risk factors and goals of the client company.
  • Business Acceleration: Startups and early stage companies can be strapped with startup costs. Sage Business Counsel’s signature Business Accelerator program gives your new venture the start it needs without strangling cash flow.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Whether buying, selling, or merging, Sage Business Counsel can assist with every stage of a company’s existence. We provide NDAs, LOIs, terms sheets, acquisition documents, due diligence, and strategic counsel. Proactively hiring a competent team can save time and money—not to mention prevent a bad deal from landing the company in court.
  • Trademarks/Copyrights: Your company’s intangible assets are often the most valuable. We can help develop a strategy to protect intellectual property and secure future success while boldly navigating the competitive marketplace.
  • Disputes/Lawsuits: While our goal is to keep our clients out of court, we know that sometimes legal disputes are unavoidable. We are here to help achieve the desired results of a lawsuit without damaging the company’s ongoing operations or reputation in the process.
  • Commercial Real Estate: Sage Business Counsel understands the risks and rewards of real estate assets. We help owners and investors protect their investments through due diligence, document management, and negotiations of leases, acquisitions, and dispositions.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact Sage Business Counsel to set up a consultation for your team today.