Johns Creek Tunnel

The Johns Creek Tunnel is an artwork that has been beautifully painted onto the side of a tunnel in Georgia. The artist Hanif Kureshi from India created this incredible work, and it’s his first-ever completed project in the U.S. The tunnel is a beautiful, eye-catching artwork that will draw you into its darkness.

The vibrant and eye-catching mural is located beneath Medlock Bridge Rd/SR 141, just south of the intersection between McGinnis Ferry Road. Though it can be hidden in some cars as they drive by on their way into work or school (or maybe you were lucky enough to find it while waiting at Panera Bread), there’s no need for concern because its accessible across from Hampton Inn Johns Creek and Hilton Garden Inns JHNS. Both locations have ample parking lots, so visitors won’t ding themselves as pedestrians walking along this famous stretch.

Have you ever walked through a piece of art? The beautiful Johns Creek Tunnel is the city’s newest attraction and tells an engaging story. It’s unlike any other mural in Atlanta, wrapping around to cover every inch as if it was painted on a velvet cloth. This breathtaking artwork results from the collaboration between many organizations, including Johns Creek Convention and Visitors Bureau; City Of -Johns Creek ( Georgia ), Department of Transportation; Urban Catalyst Lab by artists Hanif Kureshi and William Massey. It features pieces painted on roadways with help from volunteers who live in or work around this area.

The international street artist Kureshi created an installation of his work in April 2018. His murals have been showcased worldwide, including at London’s Design Biennale and Venice Biennale, among others. The fantastic design of the mural was inspired by a community discussion of Johns Creek’s rich history and its diversity which is celebrated today. The project tells a story about how this diverse community came into being and where it’s at now, with the potential for more to come in the future.

The new mural for Johns Creek is a bold geometric shape representing the city’s geography. The overlapping shapes also have meaning; they symbolize how people of different cultures come together in this area to make it their home, while Kureshi’s signature letterforms represent all languages spoken by those who live there now or have done so before – both past and present-day residents alike. The design of this mural in Johns Creek symbolizes the sense of unity within a community. The shape shapes both a heart and peace sign, illustrating how people from all walks are welcome here as they come together with one goal: Peace for everyone.