Johns Creek Veterans Memorial Walk

The Veterans Memorial Walk at Newtown Park is an iconic symbol of remembrance and respect for all the truly courageous military men and women who have bravely served our country. The Johns Creek Veteran Memorial Walkway is a four-acre park with black granite memorials for all major conflicts dating back to World War I. The path has been designed so it’s handicap accessible and beautifully landscaped with trees, flowers, gardens, etc., making this an excellent spot where veterans can visit both privately or large gatherings, including family members supporting them along the way.

The entrance to this memorial is a brick wall that features flags for each branch of service. Visitors enter into an open area with grass, trees and flowers, and benches where they can sit back relax while looking at all the beautiful architecture surrounding them before continuing on their journey through history.

The Veterans Memorial park is a perfect place to spend a sunny day with friends and family. The spacious picnic area is great for outdoor dining, while the shelter protects from inclement weather or large caliber events that may take place outside it. Picnic tables are available throughout, so you can sit down and relax as you enjoy the awe of this place. The facility has a picnic area with free parking, and there are public restrooms nearby. This is the perfect spot for those who want to explore nature during their time.

The Veterans Memorial park is a perfect place to spend an afternoon with family. The lawns and gardens are accessible for those who don’t want the dirt underneath their feet. There’s free admission that doesn’t require any tickets or reservations, and pets are allowed as well, so you can bring your kids along with your furry friend on this favorite adventure. There will always be something living at this beautiful location: whether it may just seem like green scenery from far away; however, if your goal was specifically visiting veterans memorial markers, then look no further because they have plenty available here, including one dedicated exclusively solely towards Vietnam inferred soldiers.

The Wall That Heals, which is a 250-foot replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, was added in 2020. This was done with donations from people who heard about this project through word-of-mouth or social media ads on Facebook and Instagram pages like “Johns Creek Veteran,” which regularly posts to keep up its followers’ knowledge regarding events around town for veterans. The memorial walk sponsors ensure that every detail planned out happens as planned in this park.