The Standard Club

The old Concordia Club was established in 1867 when Atlanta emerged from the ashes after Union troops had captured it. This led to their decision for a more formal club with a diverse membership that would serve as both socializing outlet and a meeting place where people could network across party lines during such tense times. The Standard Club became its manifestation today’s society has come so far since then. The Standard Club was first established in 1904. The organization has gone through many changes, but its original name still applies today.

The club has made four major location moves. In 1904, when reorganized, it was located in a building at the corner of Mitchell and Forsyth Streets; then, after only eight years with barely 100 members – thanks to a generous donation from William D Sanders, who had himself been former President, the club has been a part of the community since its inception in 1929. With people moving ever northward, it purchased 400 Ponce de Leon Avenue and erected this beautiful Georgian building to accommodate its growing membership, which now numbered over 200.

In 1987, the Standard Club accepted a land swap agreement with Technology Park/Atlanta and relocated to Duluth in north Atlanta. As contrasted from earlier facilities where bowling and billiards were recreational activities for members, now they primarily offer golfing opportunities alongside tennis courts.

The club has an extensive property with over 300 acres. It includes the clubhouse, which can seat up to 1,500 people and is 125k sq ft in size. The interior consists of many rooms for events or socializing, including their grand ballroom, perfect if you’re planning your wedding. They also have two formal dressing areas along one wall where visitors may be permitted during certain hours upon request.

The club offers an extensive array of amenities for members and guests to enjoy. The Grand Ballroom can seat up to 1,000 people, while the Formal Dining Room has enough room in it where you will find chandeliers adorning every inch. There are also private dining options alongside one-on attend, a bar stocked with all your favorite drinks. Outside courts are four indoor tennis courts that provide plenty of space, so no matter how good at sport is played, this shouldn’t pose any problem.

The prestigious 18-hole golf course is a championship layout designed by Arthur Hills. This top 20 ranked Georgia site has been recognized as one of the best courses in America, thanks to them being given an award at the US Open ceremony last year in 1996, where they became only the second country club on the southeast coast granted such honor.