The Home Stretch of 2021 and What it Means For Your Company’s One-Year Plan

We know, we know—the pandemic has warped everyone’s perceptions of time, and we can’t believe it’s almost 2022, either. It seems like just yesterday we were leaving 2020 behind and, hopefully, kicking coronavirus to the curb. We achieved that with varying degrees of success.

Nevertheless, this is the time of year to be thankful for what we do have. Many business owners are harvesting the bounties they planted much earlier in the year. We encourage your company’s team—you included—to take a moment to enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, companies occasionally get caught flat-footed in the new year. The holiday season can come and go at a dizzying pace, and entrepreneurs can easily get behind if they’re still working on one-year business plans in January or February. 

What Should Be in Your Company’s One-Year Plan?

That question is difficult to answer, as every business faces unique challenges and opportunities. The optimal one-year plan for your firm heavily depends on your company’s stage (recent startup or established brand), industry, revenue range, and nuances of your key stakeholders. And, of course, your team’s broader objectives play an important part in the planning process. 

When Sage Business Counsel engages with companies needing assistance crafting one-year plans, we often start with pressing legal matters. Our team identifies existing legal risks and implements mitigation strategies. The legal risks are often more acute for firms in highly regulated spaces such as the hemp and medical marijuana industries. 

Next, we scrutinize future legal risks and ways to minimize the chances of a future lawsuit. This often involves revamping the employee handbook and Human Resources documents. Our team also assesses any unsecured intellectual property and advises C-level executives on optimal ways to obtain legal protection. 

So, Does Sage Business Counsel Solely Concentrate on Legal Matters? 

Not at all! Our firm is classified as a small business. The team members of Sage Business Counsel have firsthand experience with every aspect of growing a business—increasing revenues, finding (and keeping) top talent, executing short-term (and long-term) plans, and raising capital. 

Ultimately, our firm is passionate about providing companies with guidance that falls outside the bounds of legal counsel. We are just as focused on optimizing your company’s marketing, production, delivery, management, and financial silos as we are on providing a solid legal foundation for your firm. 

Ready to Discuss Your Company’s Needs?

We know you and the rest of your team are more than ready for the holidays. The holiday season should be filled with warm friends, time with loved ones, and, of course, excellent food. While your company counts down the last weeks of 2021, make sure the team is tending to the garden and planting seeds for 2022. Check out Sage Business Counsel’s Chief Legal Suite™ today and contact us to get started!

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