Why Giving Back to the Community as an Entrepreneur Matters

As an entrepreneur, you’re in a unique position to make a difference in your community. Not only do you have the opportunity to help others through your business, but you can also inspire others to take action and make a difference as well.  Continue reading to learn about the importance (and benefits) of giving back to the community as an entrepreneur, along with tips to help you and your team get involved. We’ll Read More

Achieve Your 2023 Business Goals by Planning Ahead. Here’s How.

Successful business owners plan ahead. As simple as it sounds, taking a couple of days in Q3 and Q4 to identify your business goals and strategies for the following year can bring you that much closer to making those goals happen.   Ask yourself what you want for yourself and your business in 2023. Goals are usually tied to time, money or reputation. Do you want to increase revenue? What about your profit margin? Do Read More

Case Study: Software Company Business Strategy & Dispute Resolution

Many business owners understand the implications of legal disputes involving disgruntled clients and employees. They can be stressful, time-intensive and costly. When a Georgia-based software development company asked us to help them navigate an active legal dispute, we applied our IT and software development expertise to achieve a positive resolution for them. As a result of the dispute, the company recognized the Read More

How to Ensure Your Business’s Success in Just 12 Months

Running a business requires dedication every day of the year. All that hard work can only take you so far, however. To be truly successful, businesses must develop and implement a solid business plan that supports their growth while staying compliant with the law. There are five key pillars you need to focus on to ensure your business's success in as little as 12 months: sales and marketing, production and delivery, Read More

3 Questions Tech Entrepreneurs Should Ask Themselves Before Laying Off Employees

More than 32,000 people have been laid off from the U.S. technology sector in 2022, and only 9% of tech workers are feeling confident in their job security (CNBC.com). It's never easy laying off employees, but sometimes it's necessary for the survival of a company.  If you're a tech entrepreneur and considering laying off employees to keep your business afloat, there are three questions you need to ask yourself first Read More

Rules & Regulations Technology Entrepreneurs Should Know

Technology entrepreneurs are always thinking outside of the box. They see opportunities where others see problems, and they have the drive and determination to make their visions a reality. However, technology entrepreneurship is not without its challenges.  There are several rules and regulations all technology entrepreneurs need to be aware of, and if you don't abide by them, you could find yourself in legal Read More

3 Biggest Benefits of Forming a Benefits Corporation

This month marks the two-year anniversary of Georgia becoming the 35th state in the country to enact legislation enabling entrepreneurs to form benefits corporations. Considering benefits corporations (“B corps”) have not been recognized by statute in Georgia until recently, many business owners may not have thought or even heard of them.  What’s a Benefits Corporation? A “benefit corporation” is a “corporation whose Read More

4 Ways to Build a Legacy With Your Business

What kind of impact do you want to make with your business? What do you want your business to be known for under your leadership? What legacy do you want to leave behind after you retire? Every business owner asks themselves these questions at some point during their entrepreneurship journey. There's more to running a business than simply making money, though. You can build a legacy with your business, too. When you Read More

The 4 Stages Of Sustainable Business Growth

Business owners face new challenges on a daily basis, from major economic shifts to overnight changes in employment and intellectual property laws. To achieve sustainable business growth, business leaders must adapt their strategies and operations to prepare for these challenges before they happen. Proper planning is the secret to sustainable business growth for companies of all sizes. Understanding the four stages Read More

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Scope Creep in Your Service Agreement

Scope creep affects businesses of all sizes across industries, and it comes with a hefty cost. Did you know scope creep affects about 34% of projects, and only 62% of projects are completed within budget (Source: PMI.org)? That’s a lot of wasted time and money. There’s good news, however: You can prevent scope creep by taking a few simple steps, like strengthening your master service agreement and developing detailed Read More