Newtown Dream Dog Park

The dog park is one of the top parks in America, and it can be found right inside Newtown Park. The space has artificial turf with sprinklers for your pup’s enjoyment as they play on its many obstacles or take advantage of water fountains, both human-powered (hoses) and pet-powered ones, so you don’t have to run off too quickly after filling them up. There are separate areas designated just for large dogs versus small ones, which provides more room per individual animal while also providing ample seating under shelters provided around this beautiful outdoor area.

The Newtown Dream Dog Park is the perfect place for dogs to dream about all of their favorite things. Some might daydream about catching slices or grabbing five tennis balls in one go, but others can run around without worry that someone will take away what’s rightfully theirs- this includes both owners and pups.

The Dream Dog Park was opened on June 8th, 2011, after local graphic designer Pat McNelly and his Siberian Husky won the first Beneful Dream Contest. The $500 thousand puppy playground is located at 3150 Old Alabama Road in Johns Creek with an astroturf-covered path that winds around faux boulders made out of rubber mulch material. It has all types of dogs, and their owners can come to enjoy some time together.

The fenced-in, one-acre space is nestled between mature pine and maples trees. It features an entire agility course with log steppers, hoop jumps, and running tunnels that are perfect for dogs over 30 pounds–including yours. There’s also an overhead bridge made of milk-white bone-shaped stones; it has hollow logs crawls underneath this special landmark so you can explore all sorts of what you find inside its framework while taking advantage of fitness opportunities outside your home or business location. The dog park in Newtown Park is a great place to take your pup. There are several play areas, including the giant fire hydrant-shaped water fountain and an excellent kiddie pool.

Dogs under 30 pounds can also enjoy playing fetch with tennis balls, swimming through logs that look like an ax has felled them, and splashing around in a bone-shaped pool. A waste receptacle is available, so you don’t have to carry around your dog’s dirty poops.

The people of this neighborhood are like a pack, always looking out for each other. They gather under picnic shelters to discuss doggie play dates and dog walking services, and other local events such as Pup-a Palooza, an annual festival dedicated just For dogs. The residents curl up on 6-foot benches with paw print cutouts where they read books (or take naps) while watching their dogs enjoy themselves.