Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra

The Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra is a top-quality symphony orchestra that has been around for over ten years. They are made up entirely of the best professional musicians from all across Georgia, making them one awe-inspiring group.

The orchestra members’ experiences in other cities and countries have given them an edge when it comes to music-making, so you can be sure that each concert will offer something new. The sound these guys make is nothing short of incredible. Their mastery spans from classical pieces like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony or Mahler seventh and includes more modern songs such as Stockholm Syndrome by Queen Latifah. They’re not just great musicians – they know how entertainers need to interact too.

Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra is a community orchestra that strives to provide high-quality performances, educational programs, and other outreach initiatives. They are dedicated to providing opportunities for people from all walks of life to enjoy music together.

The symphony’s Maestro and founder, J. Wayne Baughman, has been a fixture on the Atlanta music scene for over thirty-five years as he leads his talented conducting ensemble through performances that are both sophisticated in their complexity yet accessible to all audiences members with an emphasis placed upon enjoyed listening experiences rather than merely sounding good playing instruments yourself at home or during practice sessions. For over two decades, Maestro Baughman has been working as a professional musician in northeast Fulton County. He witnessed the dramatic growth of this area and its leading community – Johns Creek- from his location on High Tower Road near Perimeter Mall while also serving other musicians throughout Georgia with lessons at The Music Emporium (Now called Soundwaves).

He wanted to establish an organization that would provide entertainment, education, and culture. The performing arts cornerstone he envisioned continues today with the Johns Creek Performing Arts Center as one of many institutions in this thriving community dedicated to improving lives through creativity.

Johns Creek is home to an all-volunteer symphony orchestra that has been providing music lovers with high-quality performances since 2007. The newly incorporated nonprofit John’s Creek Symphony Orchestra strives each season to entertain and educate through classical tunes from around the world at affordable prices.

The JCSO’s musicianship is among the finest in America, with an average of 16 years of experience playing professional orchestras. Most members have graduated from leading institutions of higher learning, and many also receive additional training abroad: Berlin, London, Rome, or Salzburg, to name just a few spots where you can study music performed explicitly on any instrument–or any other genre for that matter.