Johns Creek Arts Center

The Johns Creek Arts Center is a unique partnership between the Fulton County Department of Arts and Culture and the private sector. Enrollment has grown from 50 students in 1997 to an estimated 2 thousand five hundred people currently enrolled at this non-profit educational institution located just outside Atlanta proper. The Johns Creek Arts Center has been a staple in North Fulton County. They are one of the numerous entities to call this area home, and they have grown exponentially since their inception as an arts education center back when there were only a few students on board. With 2k more people enrolling every year- not even mentioning all those who come through their doors visiting or doing business with them. The arts center genuinely appreciates everything you do to share these experiences together.

When you’re looking for an art experience that’s more than painting on canvas or sculpting in clay, head to John Creek Arts Center, they offer classes and camps so your child can learn about different cultures through the visual arts. Plus, with over 25 years of expertise, they’ll be able to teach them everything from photography tips or jewelry-making techniques to mosaics mastered perfectly at this non-profit organization. Johns Creek Arts Center offers classes, camps, and workshops in Sculptural and Functional Ceramics for artists of all ages. The facility also hosts the most prominent summer arts camp within Fulton County.

Johns Creek Arts Center is a hidden gem in the heart of Johns Creek. The center features both indoor and outdoor art galleries, along with family-friendly activities like painting workshops for kids or movie nights on their lawns. The gift shop is not just a place to buy snacks for your journey, but it also houses some elegant items that can be taken as souvenirs of this fantastic city.

Johns Creek Arts Center is the perfect place to escape from your daily life for an hour or two. There are plenty of family-friendly activities at this arts center, like painting workshops, that allow you to get creative while making new friends. If movies aren’t enough, they have nights where guests can rent their lawns out so people who want some elbow room go ahead and socialize too; it’s all about creating memories in JCCAC’s beautiful outdoor spaces.

The Johns Creek Arts Center not only offers a rich program of classes for all ages, but they also work tirelessly to bring the arts into communities through outreach programs. There are seven senior assisted living facilities in our community, and Books and Brushes is delivered in Title I schools, which serve as an invaluable opportunity educational experience that teaches kids about creativity from a very early age.