Jump into January: Implement your 2023 business plan with these team-building tips

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to start implementing the business plan you developed for 2023. If you want to make the most of the next 12 months ahead and put your plan into action, you must build a team that can support you in achieving your goals. 

No matter how smart, talented and resourceful you may be, you can’t do everything by yourself. It takes a solid team to take a business to the next level, and our business strategy and legal experts gathered some tips to help you get there.

Learn how to build a strong and diverse team that can help you turn your business plan into action all year long. 

Define the roles you need to fill on your team

You should have completed this step when developing your 2023 business plan, but it’s an important reminder to share during the implementation process as well. When you were defining your goals for the year ahead, did you notice any skill gaps on your team? Perhaps you want to make your website more user-friendly, but no one on your team has website design and development experience. Or, maybe you want to secure more clients, but business development has always been a pain point for you and your employees.

Forming a well-rounded team is a critical step for any successful business, so defining the roles each person needs to support is an important part of the process. Depending on the type and scope of your team, there will be different roles requiring a variety of skills.

Identifying roles to address any skill gaps can help ensure your new hires have the capability and clarity to complete critical tasks while avoiding overlap or confusion. Furthermore, designing specific roles within your team can help you find the right people, optimize resources and increase efficiency to achieve desired results.

Find potential candidates that fit those roles

As soon as you identify the roles you need for your team, go ahead and share your job postings. The hiring process can take weeks — even months — so don’t put this step on the back burner. Despite increasing layoffs, especially in the tech industry, the labor market remains tight in 2023, making it a little more difficult for businesses of all sizes interested in hiring new talent.

Find potential candidates through a combination of online job postings (LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.) and personal networking. Taking this approach can provide you with the broadest pool of contenders to choose from while discovering potential hires who may not be actively seeking new positions.

Don’t underestimate your personal connections. They can help you locate talented individuals who may have the perfect skillset or personality for the role you are trying to fill.

Recruitment Tip: Attracting top talent can be daunting, especially in such a tight labor market. Consider sharing your mission and values with candidates to show them how you’re different from other companies. Doing so may encourage them to choose your company over a competitor. With 68% of employees saying they are more willing to accept positions from environmentally sustainable companies, for example, it behooves you to convey your environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts upfront if you have any.

Interview candidates (and abide by state employment and privacy laws)

Conduct in-depth interviews to help you find the perfect employees to support your business goals. Asking different types of questions allows employers to get an understanding of who a candidate is, what their skills and experience look like, and how they would fit into the company culture.

During your interviews, ask a mix of open-ended and direct questions to give candidates opportunities to express themselves and clarify any points requiring further explanation.

If you’re hiring for a position that requires technical skills, consider incorporating skill assessments into your interviews to better understand their proficiency levels.

Important Reminder: Every state has different employment and privacy laws regarding background checks. Make sure to follow state laws before running background checks on a job candidate. State laws may require you to get consent from the candidate, among other requirements. Contact us if you need help.

Make a decision and hire the right people for your team

Taking the time to select candidates who reflect the core values and goals of your company will pay off down the road. That’s why it’s so important to be thorough in researching potential hires, taking into account their skills, problem-solving abilities, personal qualities and experiences that are relevant to the job.

Furthermore, look past what’s on paper and evaluate character traits that could contribute to an effective team environment, such as creativity and communication skills. Being mindful about who you place on your team will help ensure that each member’s contributions are positioned for maximum success.

Train and manage your team so they can be successful in supporting your business plan

Nurturing a motivated and effective team requires ongoing effort and dedication. As a leader, it’s essential to foster an environment that motivates each team member to perform their best work. Providing clear and consistent feedback is one way to help employees stay on track as you work together in achieving your business goals.

Taking the time to get to know each employee’s capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, preferences and interests can be invaluable in determining the most efficient strategies for each individual’s success. Moreover, recognizing your team members for the good work they do helps build a sense of pride and community, encouraging employees to continuously strive for excellence.

Turn your business plan into action

If you want your business to be successful in 2023, you need to have the right business plan and team in place. If you need help scaling your business in the year ahead, contact us to learn how our business strategists can help you grow with confidence. 

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