Georgia Business Resources for Veterans

As we approach Memorial Day, I find myself revisiting my great appreciation for the Veterans who proudly served our country. My and my husband’s families are proud military families with veterans spanning all forces and wars since World War II. So, saying “thank you for your service” again this year just doesn’t seem like enough. Instead, I have gathered some information for Veteran entrepreneurs that I hope you will Read More

3 Tips for Mompreneurs who are Doing it All

"Mompreneurs are a powerful force in the business world, and they are changing the face of entrepreneurship as we know it." - Nicole Walters, CEO of Inherit Learning Company. As a mompreneur, you have a lot on your plate. You're juggling the demands of running a business with the responsibilities of being a parent. It can be easy to put your business first and neglect your needs, but this can lead to burnout, Read More

Is A Trademark Right for Your Business?

For a lot of business owners, having a trademark is a surefire sign that their company has made it. And why not? It’s a symbol that a company has a unique idea that sets it apart from any other business, which often equates to higher market share in the minds of owners. But should it? Answer these initial questions to see if trademark protection is an available and worthwhile investment for your brand.  What Is a Read More

Complying with CAN-SPAM

Email has been an incredible resource for businesses since its inception, and also a significant source of annoyance for many people. Faced with this conflict, Congress passed the CAN-SPAM Act, which sought to bring an end to spam emails cluttering your inbox. As you may have noticed, it wasn’t completely effective. As a business owner, however, you do have an obligation for your business to comply with the CAN-SPAM Read More

4 Elements of a Strong Contract

Operating a successful business is quite a challenge. Many business owners find it frustrating that they need to do so much beyond simply offering the products or services that they are passionate about. The reality is, however, that it is often the work outside of your main focus that can make a difference between success and failure. For example, using strong contracts in all your business dealings is critical for Read More

‘Tis the Season for Gift Giving

While supply chains are snarled around the world, possibly placing your perfect presents in peril, there’s something useful your company and its team can start doing today. It doesn’t require wrapping paper, bows, gift bags, or stockings.  What is it? It’s a strategic plan for your business. The company you run or manage already has a business plan, right? If so, that’s great. What your business might not have, Read More

The Home Stretch of 2021 and What it Means For Your Company’s One-Year Plan

We know, we know—the pandemic has warped everyone’s perceptions of time, and we can’t believe it’s almost 2022, either. It seems like just yesterday we were leaving 2020 behind and, hopefully, kicking coronavirus to the curb. We achieved that with varying degrees of success. Nevertheless, this is the time of year to be thankful for what we do have. Many business owners are harvesting the bounties they planted much Read More

Boo! These Three Skeletons Might Be in Your Company’s Closet Right Now

It’s that time of year when everyone wants to get a kick out of spooky stuff and creepy crawlies. Halloween is all in good fun, but skeletons in your company’s closet are no laughing matter. There’s no escape—your company must deal with these skeletons head-on if it wants to come out the other side alive.  These three skeletons are often shoved in the back of companies’ closet, collecting dust until judgment Read More

Answer These Three Questions to Take Charge of Your Company’s Organizational Structure

Small businesses often get caught flat-footed coming out of the summer. Normally a time for long vacations (and daydreaming about those long vacations), summers are hardly ever peak times for most businesses. Instead of dwelling on external factors (your non-controllables), scaling companies would do well to reevaluate management and other organizational structures as the busy fall season approaches. Managers of Read More

What to Know About Georgia’s New B-Corporation Law

For a long time, when someone wanted to start a business and work for themselves, they had to decide whether they wanted their primary motive to be making money or doing charitable work. Most companies were set up as a corporation, LLC, or even sole proprietorship with the main goal of being profitable; in fact, business owners have a fiduciary duty of looking out for the bottom line. In recent years, however, Read More