Answer These Three Questions to Take Charge of Your Company’s Organizational Structure

Small businesses often get caught flat-footed coming out of the summer. Normally a time for long vacations (and daydreaming about those long vacations), summers are hardly ever peak times for most businesses. Instead of dwelling on external factors (your non-controllables), scaling companies would do well to reevaluate management and other organizational structures as the busy fall season approaches. Managers of Read More

What to Know About Georgia’s New B-Corporation Law

For a long time, when someone wanted to start a business and work for themselves, they had to decide whether they wanted their primary motive to be making money or doing charitable work. Most companies were set up as a corporation, LLC, or even sole proprietorship with the main goal of being profitable; in fact, business owners have a fiduciary duty of looking out for the bottom line. In recent years, however, Read More

Here’s What a Great Business Attorney Can Accomplish

The right attorney for your business can be much more than a “checklist” lawyer.  Our firm believes that great business attorneys will lift up companies in countless ways that go beyond simply drafting contracts and defending clients in court. While those are two important functions, we are proud to fulfill many more roles for our clients.  We Can Empathize With Our Clients Firms like Sage Business Counsel are, Read More


First off: there’s nothing wrong with working within a “zone of genius.” More often than not, respecting that zone is the best way to build a successful business. You, as a business owner, might be a marketing wizard. Or, your forte might be managing and optimizing teams. Technical knowledge of your products and services—never a bad thing—could be what you bring to the table.  To assemble a plan for a Read More


Tens of millions of American workers willingly participate in what has now been termed a “gig economy.” Gone are the days when most workers would spend decades at one job and collect a pension. Side hustles and part-time jobs are now the norm. Despite this massive shift, which has been accelerated by the internet and a worldwide pandemic, businesses must remain vigilant in classifying and treating employees properly Read More

Is Blockchain Here to Stay?

To the extent that this complex and nuanced question can be answered as a “yes or no” question, the answer is: yes. Blockchain will continue to disrupt the financial industry to some degree, and it will continue to be important components for various cryptocurrency markets. The question of whether or not blockchain technology will become a mainstay in the financial sector is a fair one given the lack of tangible Read More

Are You Afraid of Hiring Employees?

Over the years of working with and counseling small business owners, the team at Hudson Legal has recognized a somewhat warped mindset toward hiring employees. Many brilliant and successful entrepreneurs view the expenses involved in hiring an employee as just that — expenses for “outsourcing” duties and responsibilities they simply don’t have the time to do. We understand the impulse to preserve capital, but a Read More

You Need a Business Succession Plan. What Needs To Be In It?

If you want your company to survive you, i.e., not die when you do, you need to develop a plan for it to survive the passing of the torch. The statistics on family businesses, which make up the vast majority of privately owned U.S. businesses, suggest that far too many business owners do not prioritize succession planning. Roughly one in three family-owned businesses survive the transition to the second generation, Read More