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What We Do


What We Do

Chief Legal Suite™

Companies that partner with our business attorneys and legal strategists gain insights and strategies for success with a business risk assessment, which informs your customized production and delivery plan.

Business Acceleration

Get a jump start in launching your business, gaining legal assistance and oversight for a flat fee. Grow your business with confidence.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Experienced business attorneys are significant pieces of the M&A puzzle and we can be more than just your legal representation.


Protecting your company's trademarks and copyrights are essential to securing future profits and growth.

Disputes & Lawsuits

We can pursue the legal strategy that makes the best sense for your business. A legal dispute doesn’t have to stifle your growth or cost your sanity.

Commercial Real Estate

Our expertise in Georgia property and real estate law allows our team to help clients with all aspects of real estate. Our business attorneys provide an edge like no other.

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Who We Serve

I like knowing that I always have access to my attorney. We are not fixated on the clock, but rather are able to have comfortable communication that actually moves the needle. I did not know this type of program existed before Sage Business Counsel (also known as Hudson Legal LLC). It’s a great wa…
Alexandro A.
There is a lot of value in knowing my business is protected in a highly regulated industry. I have peace of mind knowing the business is being taken care of legally.
Josh G.
Sage Business Counsel (also known as Hudson Legal LLC) is the absolute best (in the Metro Atlanta area) in the area of business law and enforcement of business contracts and the like. They helped me recently (in 2018/2019) enforce business contracts with out-of-state entities through Georgia courts …
Vijay M.
The biggest value is knowing the documents that we are use and the strategies that we implement have been reviewed by an attorney that understands the industry. It’s clear what you’re getting and how much it will cost you.
Charlie B.
If you are looking for a trustworthy, highly professional, and experienced attorney then Sage Business Counsel (also known as Hudson Legal LLC) is a great place to go.
Safari S.

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Who We Are

Strategic Advice for Growing Enterprises

Our mission is to keep more companies in business by providing legal counsel to the leadership teams of small and mid-sized companies. The legal team at Sage Business Counsel, an innovative business law firm based in metro Atlanta, serves growing companies all across the US by providing strategic counsel at every stage of growth.


We have more than a decade fighting for businesses in state, federal, and bankruptcy court. What we have found through this rigorous experience as trial counsel is that, sadly, in the excitement of building and growing a business, company leaders can inadvertently fail to plan for the company’s changing legal needs. This often-overlooked but critical component of responsible growth can be very costly and, sadly, can undermine the hard work put in by the business’ stakeholders. It’s no secret that lawsuits can deastate a company, and we have seen it firsthand countless times. Even the best product and services cannot protect a business from an unforeseen legal challenge.


Gleaning insight from lean business and agile software development philosophies, Sage Business Counsel is like no other business law firm. We practice what we preach by continually improving our services and listening to our clients’ feedback on how we can best serve them. That’s why we have created a robust program to help keep businesses out of court while encouraging leadership to plan for the eventuality of needing an in-house lawyer or legal team. Sage Business Counsel’s Chief Legal Suite™ allows growing companies to hire our legal team on a fractional basis so that we can help develop the framework and foundation for a solid future, and eventually help hire and train the company’s in-house counsel.


We take pride in helping growing companies stay out of court by providing an annual risk assessment and production plan through our Chief Legal Suite™ program. For smaller startups and early stage ventures, we offer a unique Business Accelerator program that allows financially limited companies the ability to hire world class legal strategists to ensure they get off the ground responsibly. Through these and other offerings, Sage Business Counsel fulfills its mission to keep more companies in business and change the woeful statistics of failure for small and mid-sized companies in the United States.


In addition to providing ongoing outside counsel to companies, Sage Business Counsel is prepared to efficiently resolve lawsuits and business disputes when they cannot otherwise be avoided. We’d be honored to provide your team with exceptional representation for a wide variety of legal matters.



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Danielle Hudson Laughlin
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5 Pillars of Sound Business

5 Pillars of Sound Business

Your business is unlikely to achieve rapid growth, without a solid plan. We understand the need to take things day-by-day, but losing sight of the big picture is quite dangerous for your company’s long-term health. Something that has helped countless businesses — including Sage Business Counsel — is The 5 Pillars of Sound Business. Each pillar is vital to sustained and successful business operations, and it’s crucial to understand how each one interacts with the others.

Sales & Marketing

Production & Delivery

Human Resources

Ownership & Management

Financial Controls

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